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This slow, sensual Tantra massage for men allows you to ground and connect with your body and soul. I take you on a beautiful journey of bliss and relaxation that will make you feel rejuvenated and reboot your body. Do you feel you haven’t been touched enough and your back, thighs, chest and face are craving it? Are they grieving the loss of it? I will touch your body softly in places you haven’t been touched before and you will have the chance to experience sensations like warming, tingling skin, energy showers on the top of your head and the bottom of your feet, among others. At the end you will feel like you took a relaxing, warm bath, and a feeling of happiness will wash over you that will last for days or weeks.

tantra massage for men

The Tantra Massage for men experience

toronto tantra massage

I start with relaxing the back muscles and shoulder area with gentle and firm kneading and smooth, long strokes using warm coconut oil. You are in charge of the intensity of pressure as I check in regularly to see what works for you. I give special attention to the buttocks, as it is an erogenous zone for many. The back of the thighs and calves are next, and the feet and hands. When you turn, I stroke, knead, and massage your face, upper chest, thighs and lingam using my hands, lower arms, and hair, as well as use skin-to-skin touch for increased sensation.

During the tantra massage I intuitively and interactively create a pleasure-mapping of your body so I know where to touch you for increased sensation and maximum bliss. As I move the sexual energy through your body step by step, the intensity increases and more of the erogenous zones will be stimulated. This allows for spiritual and sexual opening through sensual touch and connection with a temple Priestess.

The tantric approach calls for working with both the physical and energetic body, so I incorporate deep breathing to help you deepen the experience. My intent is to clear sexual energy blockages and work through stuck feelings preventing the free experience of the erotic. Working together to expand the free flow of sexual energy, we create a safe and non-judgemental space. As we move toward the end, there is no goal, no pressure to perform in any way. Respecting your choice is part of this safe container.

In the Tantric massage sessions I wear a black top and black leggings, and touch is one-way only. In Sky Clad Tantric Massage I am nude and there is more skin to skin contact as well as body slides. Touch is one way, mostly. Please see my offerings page for two-way touch and four-handed massage options.

Let this massage be a spiritual opening through sensuality and touch. A connection with a temple Priestess can be a transcendent celebration of the human experience of sexuality.

tantra 4 handed massage
4 Handed Tantra Massage

Variations of the Tantra Massage

The Tantra Massage is a slow, relaxing erotic massage with optional release, where I wear black leggings and a black top.

The Skyclad Tantra massage  I am naked and there is more skin-to-skin touch. Touch is one-way, meaning that the client doesn’t touch the practitioner.

The Skyclad Tantra Massage with two-way touch the client can touch the practitioner too.

The Skyclad, four-handed massage is a Tantra Massage where two practitioners massage the clients. Usually, we start at the opposite sides and move up the body together, sweeping, kneading and deep-massaging. The release is optional at the end.

Sacred Spot (Prostate Massage) helps release trauma in a man’s body that may have been carried for his whole life. This service is given with the utmost care and respect. I begin with a regular relaxing tantric massage then proceed to the prostate only when the customer is ready and at a pace that is comfortable.

toronto tantra massage

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