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Tantra massage is a sensual couples’ massage that enhances intimacy and deepens connection. This massage for couples also opens the sensual energy flow, increases pleasure and releases somatic blockages. Whether you are revitalizing a long-term relationship or starting a new one, this massage for couples in Toronto is for you. At the end, the glow on the lovers faces speaks for itself.

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Tantra couples massage vs spa couples massage?

Tantra massage for couples is about learning how to communicate your love through words and touch using techniques such as eye-gazing, tantric breathing, chakra meditations, and other heart-opening exercises intended to deepen intimacy and sensuality. The portal of intimacy opens so that more pleasure and bliss can emerge.

Tantra Couples Massage Varieties

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There are a few varieties of this unique tantra massage for couples in Toronto. In one, a female practitioner facilitates the connection exercises and guides one partner in conducting the four-handed massage together. This type of couples’ massage gets quite intense and sensually charged, and leaves the couple feeling scintillated and sexually recharged. Participants are encouraged to explore further on their own.

The practitioner will be modelling different kinds of touch that you and your partner can use to deepen the sensuality and sexuality in your relationship. In this massage for couples you will learn to bring the sexual energy up your partner’s body slowly, building arousal through surges of energy and increasing desire through the ebbs.

The other massage for couples option is to have two separate practitioners massaging both clients at the same time in the same room or in different rooms. Couples can chose two female practitioners or a female and male practitioner for this couples’ massage. In all tantric couples’ massages, the focus is both clients’ sensual and sexual bliss. The role of the practitioner is more a facilitator, coach and a conduit of energy.

No fluid exchange takes place in either service in either service.

Are you ready to see the transformation in yourself and your partner? To surrender and be vulnerable? To feel your feelings and experience a deeper connection with yourself and your partner? To clear away whatever is in the way of a stellar relationship? Are you ready to shine? Book a session with Pearl for a sensual tantric couple’s massage in Toronto. Check out my couples’ massage packages for a couples’ massage in Toronto.

Don’t forget the special occasions Romantic Couple’s Massage option (one practitioner or two). This option is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and stag and doe gifts. Includes chocolate and wine. For more information, see Romantic Couple’s Massage.

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