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Jim has been a leader in the Tantra Toronto community for over 10 years. He is passionate about helping women and men become more aware of their authentic sexual truth. He does this through Tantric sexual touch and massage, sexual coaching, guidance on sexual dysfunction, and emotional counselling. Jim is trauma aware, gender and sexual identity inclusive and an excellent communicator. He doesn’t just believe that a strong and clear connection to our sexuality is an essential part of a healthy, fulfilling life. He lives it.

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Tantra Massage & Therapy for Women & Men

Jim’s own exploration of human sexuality provides the foundation for his Tantra Sexual Touch practice. As a male tantra practitioner, he has attended dozens of trainings, seminars and experiential workshops on tantra, sex and sexuality, psychology, somatic bodywork, and intimacy over the past 30 years. He uses this knowledge to help clients:

  • Explore and gain comfort with pleasure
  • Clear limiting beliefs, shame and body image issues
  • Build sexual confidence and good boundaries
  • Connect to and enhance the vital life-force energy within each of us

The Tantra Massage Experience

Sessions begin by establishing connection and trust. You may wish to share why you came, what you are looking for in the session, your experience of your sexuality, or anything else. I am happy to share my own experience, knowledge and resources on any aspect of Tantra or sexuality. Everything we discuss is completely confidential.

As we move toward the touch session we share our boundaries and agree on what will occur. The tantric massage begins only when you are ready. The touch consists of a gentle stroking designed to help you let go and focus on receiving pleasure. I stroke you from head to toe and guide you in staying attuned to the sensations in your body. You control the session through our ongoing communication. I respect your boundaries from start to finish. As I move the energy through your body the intensity increases and the erogenous zones may become activated (depending on your choice – you control of how sexual it gets). As we move toward the end there is no pressure, no goal, no need to perform in any way. Your choice is always respected.

Variations of Tantric Massage

The Tantra Massage  A slow, relaxing sensual massage with optional release. I am fully clothed throughout.

The Skyclad Tantra massage  I am naked and there is skin-to-skin contact. Touch is one-way only, meaning I touch you but you don’t touch me.

The Skyclad Tantra Massage with two-way touch  The same as with skyclad, but you can touch me (within my boundaries).

The Skyclad, four-handed massage  This is a Tantra Massage with two practitioners providing the massage.


Tantric Massage for Women or Men

1 hr – $170
90 mins – $225
2 hrs – $300
3 session package – $600 for 90 minute sessions, $700 for 2 hr sessions

Four-hand Massage (One Male and One Female Practitioner)

90 mins – $550
2 hrs – $650

Couples Massage

2 hrs – $450 (one practitioner)
2 hrs – $600 (two practicioners)

Massage Extras

Skyclad – one practictioner – add $50, with two-way touch – add $75
Skyclad – two practitioners – add $100, with two-way touch – add $150
Sacred Spot (prostate Massage for men) – add $75
Evening premium – add $50, weekend premium – add $50

Online Counselling for Men, Women and Couples

1 hr – $125

Psychedelic Coaching

One 7-hour session with two integration sessions – $1400
Half price for repeats

Jim’s Training & Certifications:

  • Human Awareness Institute – Workshops on Love, Intimacy and Sexuality (2013 – Present)
  • ISTA International School of Temple Arts – Workshops on the Sacred Sexual (2019 – 2022)
  • Extraordinary Lovers – (2022)
  • Numerous seminars and workshops on Tantra, sexual technique, kink, psychology, boundaries and consent, and many others. (1990 – Present)

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