Pearl’s passion is to help clients get rid of energetic blockages that stand in the way of their full human potential. She does her healing work through Tantric sexual touch and massage, shamanic healings as well as emotional coaching.

Through the Spiritual Sexuality teachings of the shamanic Quodoshka workshops, Pearl saw the importance of sexual healing and started working with this vital life-force energy in 2014. The healthy flow of sexual energy revitalizes all the other areas of her clients’ lives, including financial, spiritual, intellectual and emotional.

Tantra therapist Toronto

Pearl’s training at the International School of Temple Arts has deepened her sexual intimacy practice, adding tantric elements. Her shiatsu massage training set the groundwork for her somatic bodywork, where she easily finds the connection between the pain in the body and unresolved emotions.

The four-year shamanic psychotherapy and coaching program at the Institute for Contemporary Shamanic Studies, Toronto, provided the teachings for her chakra cleansing and balancing, drum journeys, soul retrievals, cord cuttings and other techniques. During this time, Pearl spent 3-4 months of the year at Healing House, Cusco, Peru practicing as a Shamanic Coach and somatic bodyworker.

Augmented with energy work, her healings lower pain and anxiety levels, help with sleep and bring clients back to their wholeness. Clients learn balance through emotional release techniques, setting boundaries, as well as changing and letting go of deep-seated unproductive patterns. Communicating and asking for their needs, as well as accepting and loving themselves is also part of this life-changing work.

Pearl now runs her healing practice in Toronto, combining sexual, shamanic and emotional healing techniques.

Training & Certifications:

  1. Extraordinary Lovers (2022)
  2. ISTA Practitioner Training (2021)
  3. ISTA International School of Temple Arts (2019, 2020, 2021)
  4. Quodoushka Spiritual Sexuality Workshops – Toronto (2014, 2016)
  5. Shamanic Psychotherapy Training – ICSS, Toronto (2013-2017)
  6. 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training – Yoga Inbound, Cusco, Peru (2016)
  7. Shiatsu Massage Training (70 hrs) – Sacred Valley, Peru (2016)
  8. Reiki level II – The Rock Store, Toronto (2015)