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Would you like deeper connections in your relationships, full of healthy sensuality and sexuality? Would you like to be able to share your feelings with your partner? Do you trust them with your deepest desires? Do you trust yourself to be authentic in asking for your innermost fantasies? Are you ready to hear your partner’s needs and fulfill their wishes? Can you be vulnerable? Can you drop your armour? Would you and your partner like to learn more about this?

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This session is about learning how to communicate your love through words and touch. The heart-opening communication exercises like eye-gazing, ‘yab-yum’, ‘if you really knew me’, chakra meditations, and other connecting exercises will help you and your partner express your needs and set your boundaries in a caring fashion. You will learn to make agreements, honour your ‘yes’s, and ‘no’s, and deal with feelings of blame, guilt and shame that come up. You will learn to clear these with the help of withholds, appreciations, and apologies.

When it comes to touch, we are all different. Why don’t we feel free to explore and discover more than we do? In our session, I create a pleasure-map of both your bodies and we go ‘pleasure-hunting’ together. It will be a playful discovery of erogenous zones and sexy games where you communicate authentically your desires and needs. What a great opportunity to see your partner in a new light! In this very honest process, you will be encouraged to show your authentic self and stretch your limits, as this is where change occurs. And change is a beautiful process filled with joy and expansion.

We will use the Wheel of Consent to explore the choices you make and boundaries you set when you interact with each other intimately. I will be modelling different kinds of touch that you and your partner can use to deepen the sensuality and sexuality in your relationship. You will learn to bring the sexual energy up your partner’s body slowly, building arousal through surges of energy, and increased desire through the ebbs. Sensual tantric touch is all about pacing and working with energy flow.

Are you ready to see the transformation in yourself and your partner? To surrender and be vulnerable? To feel your feelings and experience a deeper connection with yourself and your partner? To be your own sovereign partner to yourself? To clear away whatever is in the way of a stellar relationship? To see your beauty and that of your partner’s? Are you ready to shine?

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